The Last Ever Rhythm of the Night - 90s Dance Party!

Sat 9PM 29 Jul

It's been an insane few years playing the biggest and best 90s dance anthems month after month after month but it's time to say goodbye with one last massive party!

The Rhythm of the Night started in 2014 when there was a cancellation at Goodgod on Easter Weekend and something needed to fill it asap. I'd always wanted to throw a 90s dance party so I booked some similarly nostalgic DJ friends and named the party after one of the best 90s dance songs ever made. The party was a huge success - there was a line outside halfway down the street for most of the night and two thirds of the crowd came in costume - so we locked in another pretty fast. Then another one. Then another. Then an 90s rock one. Then a pyjama party?

The parties got bigger and bigger (when Goodgod closed I think three of their five biggest nights were Rhythm of the Night!) and I did a few 90s parties in Melb and the Central Coast. I love doing them, playing these big ridiculous bangers - and these parties lead to me being asked to tour with The Vengaboys, B*Witched, Atomic Kitten, East 17, S Club, Liberty X, Crystal Waters, Joanne - which was hilarious and super fun, obviously.

But I think it's time to call it a (Rhythm of the) night. It's been a really fun run of parties and I wanna thank the many many DJs who've played 90s hits with me - especially Ariane, who's been involved with almost every party I've done since the start!

The last Rhythm of the Night goes down on July 29th. Tickets go on sale next week. I'll be DJing solo mode from when the doors open till they close, saying a fond farewell to these stupid songs that I've been able to play to a stupidly happy audience every other month since 2014.

If you haven't been to a ROTN for a while it'd be great to see you come back for one last Macarena. Get your requests on the wall and I'll make sure I'll play them!

x Levins

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