Thu 8PM 16 Nov

"A self-taught saxophonist, pianist, singer, and producer here to give an old soul sound a fresh new take in today's hip-hop climate." - Vibe

Astral People are proud to present the Australian debut of Masego.

A multi instrumentalist whose talents traverse across genres but can best be described as a fusion of Trap, House and Jazz. Early on, his soulful singing and jazz personality coloured every track and heart, catching the attention of producers including Kaytranada and Sounwav as well as KRS and Medasin.

In early 2016, Masego joined up with Medasin to release The Pink Polo EP which began as a collection of tunes from jam sessions with friends. The EP was first released on Soundcloud but eventually trickled onto all major streaming services, with some tracks receiving more than a million plays. In June 2016, Masego released his debut album, Loose Thoughts, which features a bunch of lively singles, developed songwriting and his beloved saxophone.

Masego's music and live performances have a distinct personality and are always adorned with a smile. Making his Australian debut this November, don't miss your chance to catch Masego live.

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